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Appearance : Colorless Liquid.

Chemical Name : E260, Vinegar Acid, Ethanoic Acid

Chemical Formula: CH3COOH

Packaging Type: 60 kg. 1 Ton IBC in .

Definition and Usage Areas:

Firstly, Acetic Acid is produced by biological and synthetic ways in the industry. The salt and its ester called acetate. Meanwhile, It is completely soluble in water. It is a weak acid. Thus, The glacial acetic acid type of acetic acid contains 99.5% pure acetic acid. And also, This 99.5% glacial form of acetic acid solidifies at 17°C forms a structure similar to crystalline ice particles.

Meanwhile, It is usage is common in the manufacture of vinegar. In addition, it prevents the formation of microorganisms in pickles and prevents the spoilage of vegetables.

  • It is usable as a raw material in the production of most chemicals in industry. It is especially applicable in the production of vinyl acetate, the polyvinyl acetate obtained from it is usage as wood glue.
  • Acetic Acid mainly used in industry as a solvent. For example, it is common as a solvent in the production of terephthalic acid, which is usable in the production of PET plastics. This use is 5-10% of the entire use of acetic acid.
  • Also, It is used as a buffer in the food industry. It used as an acidifier, preservative, flavoring.

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