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Appearance : Colorless, Crystalline Or Powdery Solid

Chemical Name : Benzenecarboxylci Acid, Carboxybenzene

Chemical Formula: C6H5COOH

Packaging Type: In 25 Kg Sacks

Definition and Usage Areas:

Benzoic Acid, the simplest member of the aromatic carboxylic acid family, is a weak acid that is the precursor to the synthesis of many important organic compounds.

Meanwhile, Benzoic Acid is a white flake and crystalline solid, sparingly soluble in water.

Furthermore, More than 90 percent of commercial benzoic acid converted directly to phenol and caprolactam.

So, Its use in the production of glycol benzoates is increasing for the application of plasticizers in adhesive formulations.

Lastly, It is also usable in the production of alkyd resins and drilling mud additives for crude oil recovery applications.

It is also a rubber polymerization activator.

  • Also, It is usages prevent microbial spoilage in foods.
  • The most used areas are fruit juice, marmalade, jam, carbonated drinks, pickles, ketchup and similar products.
  • Meanwhile, Benzoic acid and its salts used as preservatives in acidic and weakly acidic foods and are an important precursor for the synthesis of most organic substances.
  • So, In cosmetics, benzoic acid also found in the ingredients of shampoos, perfumes, shaving foams, hair sprays and hair dyes.
  • It included in the content of chemicals added to the coolant part of automobile antifreezes.
  • It is included in tobacco spraying and other pesticides.
  • This used as a standard reference in analytical chemistry laboratories.
  • It is used in fungal diseases of the skin in the form of Whitfield Ointment.
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