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Appearance : Colorless, odorless

Chemical Name : Calcium Carbide

Chemical Formula: CaC2

Packaging Type: 50 kg – 100 kg barrel

Definition and Usage Areas:

Carbide is an easy and inexpensive material to find, which is calcium carbide in chemistry, reacts rapidly when combined with water and releases acetylene gas, because it is frequently used. Furthermore, The carbide lamp gives light by burning acetylene gas. Also, used extensively in the Çanakkale War.

Trade name for calcium carbide obtained as a result of the interaction of carbide (chemistry, technical) carbon with lime. Meanwhile, It decomposes with the effect of water and gives acetylene gas.

It is a compound resulting from the combination of calcium and carbon in the ratio in the formula CaC2. In chemistry, we call it calcium carbide. And also, It is a colorless, odorless substance. When water touches it, acetylene gas comes out. Acetylene gas has a foul odor. Because there is very little calcium phosphorus among calcium carbide, phosphine gas is also release in addition to acetylene gas under the influence of water.

In obtaining carbide, 64 gr. Calcium carbide requires 112 calories, which achieved with the help of an electric arc. 10 parts of burnt lime which mixed with 7 parts of coke, by applying a voltage of 65 – 90 volts to each electrode, and then you can obtain carbide. Because, Large furnaces require a current of 50,000 amperes, which is doable where electricity is very cheap.

Carbide is usable to extract acetylene gas, as well as for lighting. The lamp that some vendors light outdoors at night is acetylene gas. Also, obtained from carbide, this called a carbide lamp.

Calcium Carbide Manufacturers Turkey

Calcium Carbide: obtained by burning limestone in incinerators and calcium oxide (Quicklime).Meanwhile we can obtain by melting the obtained quicklime with coke in electric arc furnaces at 2700-3800 ®C.

The high temperature required for this reaction is practically unachievable by conventional combustion, so the reaction carried out in an electric arc furnace with graphite electrodes. The carbide product produced usually contains about 80% by weight calcium carbide.

Carbide obtained in furnaces is poured into pots and cooled. Carbide in bulk from the pots crushed in mills and made into small pieces. Thus, sieved and classified according to grain size. The carbide crushed to produce small lumps ranging from a few mm to 80 mm. Impurities are concentrates in finer fractions. Grain sizes are 0-5 / 5-15 / 15-25 / 25-50 / 50-80 mm.

The content of the CaC2 product tested by measurements of the amount of acetylene produced by hydrolysis. As an example, the standards for the content of coarser fractions are 230 L/kg and 300 L/kg, respectively (101 kPa pressure and 20 °C (68 °F) temperature).

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Calcium Carbide Applicable Area

  • Acetylene production; Acetylene produced in two different ways, from the reaction of calcium carbide and water in a special reactor or as a by-product during the separation of crude oil.
  • Production of Calcium Cyanamide; Calcium carbide obtained by reacting with nitrogen at high temperature to form calcium cyanamide. Industrially, gained by heating carbide powder to 950 to 1200°C in a stream of nitrogen. Calcium cyanamide, commonly known as nitrilium, applicable as a fertilizer.
  • Steel production; Calcium carbide iron (pig iron, cast iron and steel) is also used in desulfurization. Depending on the economy, it is used as a fuel in steel production to melt scrap metal into liquid iron.
  • It is used as a powerful deoxidizer in ladle treatment plants.
  • Carbide lamps; Calcium carbide is usable in carbide lamps. Water dripping onto the carbide produces acetylene gas, which burns and produces light. These lamps give stronger and brighter light than candles.
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