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Appearance : White Solid Crystalline

Chemical Name : 3-Hydroxypentanedioic Acid, 3-Carboxylic Acid, Hydrogen Citrate

Chemical Formula: C6H8O7

Packaging Type: In 25 Kg Bags

Definition and Usage Areas:

Citric acid is frequently used in many areas of modern industry. The chemical formula of the crystalline and colorless component is a very important compound in terms of meeting many needs of the ever-increasing world population, expressed as “C6H8O7”. Citric acid, which is present in the structure of almost all plants, involved in many of the cellular activities in nature. So, If we talk about the usage areas of citric acid; It involved in active areas such as the food sector, the agricultural sector, metal production and processing, the pharmaceutical sector and the beverage sector.

The raw material Citric Acid, pronounced as “Lemon Salt”, found in 80% of lemons. Is used in many countries of the world and also in Turkey. It is , a non-toxic component, is in crystalline form. Also It is most preferred in the chemical industry because it is a very good separator. Meanwhile, It spread by Carl Wilhelm in 1784 by crystallization of lemon juice. And started to be in use in many sectors in a short time.

We continue to use Citric acid as an additive in our foods since the end of the 19th century. This become a component that has become increasingly widespread in the food sector. However, citric acid is the most abundant substance in lemons and some fruits. So, It is difficult and costly to produce citric acid from fruits and vegetables, so this need comply by producing sugar. And also, Citric Acid, produced from sugar by yeast and various bacteria, is ready for use in many areas.

Lemon Salt, which used in canned products, is preferrable because it provides long-term preservation of foods. Citric acid, which is in many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, is preferrable as a preservative additive in products in the other food sector.

It is easily oxidized in the case of different oxidizing substances such as hypochlorite, persulfate, permanganate, periodate, hypobromite, chromate, manganese dioxide, nitric acid. Trisodium acid is the widely used salt of citric acid compared to other salts. The reason for the exothermic reaction is that the neutralization reaction is quite high.

One of the properties of citric acid that makes it important is that it gives many complexes to form polyvalent metal ions and chelates. Because of this important property, citrates or citric acids used to control metal contamination. The singly colored metal ion becomes completely colorless or slightly colored when combined with citrate. While metal ions can remain stable by chelating with citric acid, organic molecules can be catalytically degrade in the presence of metal ions.

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The Usage Area Citric Acid.

  • Citric acid, which widely used in industrial applications and different food fields, is mostly usable in citrate carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.
  • It widely used in beverages, fermented food products, beer, wine, cheese, biscuits, Turkish delights, cakes, frozen fish, ice cream, jams, jelly, frozen potatoes, sherbets, instant soups, tomato paste and preserves.
  • This used in food to increase the durability of the product. It controls the pH.
  • Citric acid usage alone or in combination with citrate salts and used as a flavoring in low-calorie drinks, fruit juice and thirst quenching drinks.
  • We use it as an additive in bathroom and kitchen cleaners.
  • Apart from that, in industrial production, Citric Acid added to sugars to add sourness.
  • It used in industry to remove rust from steel.
  • Pectin gel also used in candy varieties used in pastry shops and companies selling confectionery products to increase the maximum gel strength.
  • Lemon salt used for flavoring in soft drinks.
  • It uses to make confectionery and medicine. It prevents the crystallization of sugar in confectionery production.

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