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Appearance : Colorless, Yellowish Liquid with Slight Characteristic Odor

Chemical Name : Formic Acid

Chemical Formula: HCOOH

Packaging Type: 35 kg drum

Definition and Usage Areas:

Pure formic acid is a colorless liquid with a corrosive and pungent odor. It has a density of 1.22 g/mL, a melting point of 8.4 °C and a boiling point of 101 °C. It is completely miscible with water.

Formic acid is a weak acid that behaves like a typical carboxylic acid and has some aldehyde-like properties. It easily reacts with alcohols to form esters. Because, Formic acid decomposes in the presence of acids or heat to give carbon monoxide (CO) and water. In the presence of platinum, it breaks down instead of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Formic acid reacts exoteric with all bases, both organic (for example, amines) and inorganic. It reacts with active metals to form gaseous hydrogen and a metal salt. And also, reacts with cyanide salts to form gaseous hydrogen cyanide. Furthermore, It reacts with diazo compounds, dithiocarbonates, isocyanates, mercaptans, nitrites and sulfides to produce flammable or toxic gas. It reacts with sulfides, nitrites, thiosulfates (to give H2S and SO3), dithionites (SO2) to produce flammable and/or toxic gases and heat. It reacts with carbonates and bicarbonates to produce carbon dioxide, but still heat. Thus, this can have oxidization with strong oxidizing agents and reduced with strong reducing agents. Meanwhile, These reactions produce heat. Eventually, It can initiate polymerization reactions or catalyze other chemical reactions.

Formic Acid Applicable Area

  • An important use of formic acid is as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed.
  • It is applicable to silage (including fresh straw) to increase fermentation of lactic acid and inhibit the formation of butyric acid.
  • Formic acid is also used in place of mineral acids [6] for various cleaning products such as descaling agents and toilet bowl cleaners.
  • During dyeing and finishing operations in the textile industry.
  • In the manufacture of various chemicals such as esters, formats.
  • It is used in the production of coolers.
  • Laundry cleaning factories.
  • In the production of pesticides.
  • It is used as a solvent in the electroplating metal coating industry.
  • Lacquer production in the cosmetics industry
  • Meanwhile, In the leather industry, in processes such as animal skin processing, tanning, feather cleaning.
  • In mirror production
  • Also, In condom production
  • In local anesthetics in medicine
  • Ink production in the printing industry
  • In the production of parquet varnish
  • At the production of baker’s yeast
  • Formaldehyde production
  • It is used as a solvent in various productions such as chipboard production.
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