Calcium Oxide Powder

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Appearance : It is white in color and has the appearance of powder.

Chemical Name : calcium oxide, quicklime, burnt lime

Chemical Formula: CaO

Packaging Type: 25 Kg Bag

Definition and Usage Areas:

Firstly, We obtain Calcium oxide by melting limestone at high temperature and removing carbon dioxide. Thus, Calcium oxide production in this way used as a strong abrasive. Meanwhile, It has an alkaline solid structure. So, It dissolves by reacting in water. Because, It turns into calcium hydroxide in water. The melting point of calcium oxide is 2,572 degrees Celsius.

The Usage Area Of Calcium Oxide !

There are several areas where calcium oxide is used. At the beginning of these areas are wastewater treatment and cement production. And also, Calcium oxide is among the most important materials in cement production, as it has the property of adhesion on bricks and stones. On the other hand, calcium oxide is also applicable in the field of engineering. Calcium oxide is also included in chemical feed stocks.

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