Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

Sles suppliers Turkey!
Wholesale of sodium lauryl ether sulphate, which is mainly used in detergent and cosmetics industry.

Sles Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : It is in the form of a light yellow paste, in a fluid structure.

Chemical Name : Texafon, Sodium lauryl ether sulphate, Sodium laureth sulfate

Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)10CH2(OCH2CH2)nOSO3Na

Packaging Type: 160 Kg Barrel

Definition and Usage Areas:

Firstly, SLES is an inexpensive and highly effective foaming agent. It is also usable as “sodium laureth sulfate” as a result of the contraction of “sodium lauryl ether sulfate”. Meanwhile, It is widely used in cosmetics, cleaning and personal care products. For this reason, sles consumption is very high. Because, Manufacturer use it almost all foaming cleaning, cosmetics and personal care products. It has a foaming feature as well as a cleaning feature. For this reason, companies that manufacture industrial cleaning products use a lot of sodium lauryl ether sulfate.

Usage areas

  • In cleaning products; We use for the production of liquid dishwashing detergent, industrial cleaning detergents, technical equipment cleaning products and machine detergents.
  • In personal care products; manufacturers use for the production of bath foam, shampoo production, liquid soap production and shower gel production. The usage in these products to reduce surface tension. It is preferrable because it creates foam very well and it can easily get thin in salts.
  • We also use it in the production of toothpaste.

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