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Soda Ash Dense Suppliers Turkey!
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Soda Ash Dense Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : It has a white form, solid hygroscopic powder.

Chemical Name : Soda crystal, E500, Soda, Soda ash

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3

Packaging Type: In 50 Kg Sacks

Definition and Usage Areas: It dissolves in 30gr/100 ml water at 20 ˚C. It is undoubtedly one of the most important industrially of all alkali metal salts. And also, You can buy this product with Turkey export line. It raises the pH value of the pool water. In addition, it neutralizes the acidic components in the pool due to the high alkaline substances in it. This compound is in mineral form in certain marine plants and some rocks. In the Solvay method, which is applicable today for the production of sodium carbonate, the saturated sodium chloride solution is first treats with ammonia and then with carbon dioxide, and the sodium carbonate produced in this way called Solvay soda. Production beds are in Africa and Asia.

The Usage Area Soda Ash Dense.

  • Soda Ash is applicable for bleaching laundry and especially tulle. For this reason, it is highly preferrable in the detergent industry. Sodium carbonate precipitates ions that cause hardness in water as carbonate and removes them from the environment. In this way, it is usage is as a softener in washing machines.
  • When reactive dye used in the textile industry, sodium carbonate is usable to form the bond between dye and fiber.
  • Soda is the most important chemical used in glass production. By combining sand and soda, it heats to a very high temperature and suddenly cooled. This is how we do glass production.
  • Meanwhile, this acts as an acid regulator, anti-caking agent and stabilizer as a food additive. And also, it is used in the production of sherbet powder.
  • Soda ash is used as a foaming agent in toothpastes. It creates friction and raises the pH of the mouth.
  • So, It acts as a wetting agent in brick making, While extruding the clas, we can use less water.
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