Sodium Sulfide

Sodium sulfide suppliers turkey!
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Sodium Sulfide Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : It is yellow in color and has the appearance of flakes.

Chemical Name : sodium sulphure flakes, disodium sulfide,

Chemical Formula: Na2S

Packaging Type: 25 Kg Bag

Definition and Usage Areas:

It has a moisture-retaining property. Because, when sodium sulfide heats it gives polysulfides, which we use in the preparation of artificial sulfur baths. Furthermore, it is a highly odorous and strong reducing chemical, yellow in color, which dissolves very easily in water. Thus, industrial sodium sulfide, which contains the color of foreign substances, becomes pink, khaki, brown in color. Also known as sodium sulfide. Meanwhile, the boiling point, weight and melting point changes due to impurities. It obtained by precipitating sodium sulfate by-product, also obtaining barium sulfate by using the barium sulfate method by using sodium sulfate and barium sulfate metathesis reaction. So, it is highly in demand as raw material. And also, you can obtain by the coal reduction method. Lastly, add Hydrochloric acid to sodium or potassium cyanide to obtain hydrogen cyanide. When you mix sodium sulfide with hydroxide acide you can obtain hydrogen sulfide gas.

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The Usage Area Of Sodium Sulfide !

In the Metal Field; It is used as a suppressor in the selective flotation of semi-noble metal scales. Apart from that, it is applicable as a sulphuring process reagent in the preparation of oxidized, zinc, metallic copper and lead minerals for flotation.

In the leather industry; Sodium sulfide is used for hair casting in the leather industry.

In the Field of Ceramics; It is used for suppressing quartz in the ceramic field.

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