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Welcome to Turkey’s cleaning and cosmetics manufacturers center.
We produce for you the cleaning and cosmetics products you want to buy from Turkey.

Cleaning and Cosmetics manufacturers Turkey!

As cleaning and cosmetics manufacturers, we meet the demands of our customers who want to import from Turkey in the most appropriate way. And also, we produce cleaning and cosmetic group products in our factory in Istanbul.

In addition, our customers have requests to purchase a certain brand product. For this purpose, we are engaged in the wholesale and export of world’s well-known brands.

Not only, we produce private label cosmetics and private label we also manufacture detergent for our customers who want to have private label production for their own brand.

If you want to buy cleaning and cosmetics products from Turkey, you can contact us

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Shaving Products

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Body Care Products

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Hair Care Products

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Sanitary Pads

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Sun Care Products

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Facial Care and Makeup

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Perfume and Deodorant

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Oral and Dental Care

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Health and Hygiene Products

Cosmetics Suppliers & Manufacturers in Turkey

As cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetics suppliers, we meet the demands of companies that want to buy cosmetic products from Turkey in the most accurate way. Therefore, Turkish cosmetic products are preferred by many countries. And also, The biggest reason for this is the supply of high quality and affordable cosmetic products. If you want to buy Turkish made cosmetic products, you can contact us. Because, Our company’s expert staff in the field of cosmetic products and export will meet your needs in the fastest way.


Dishwashing Detergents

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Laundry Detergents

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Home Cleaning

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Pest Repellents

Detergent Suppliers & Manufacturers in Turkey

As detergent manufacturers and detergent suppliers, we respond to the demands of customers who want to buy detergents from Turkey. In addition to the cleaning products we also produce in our own factory. Thus, we supply products that are known and demanded all over the world. We also produce private label detergents for companies that want to sell under their own brand. Please contact for detailed information and order.

In Personal Care and Cosmetics category, you can buy all personal care, personal cleaning and cosmetic products you need. These are from shampoos to shaving products, from toothpastes and brushes to hand and face creams, at the most affordable prices.

Wholesale Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

We offer our personal care and cosmetics products, which includes a wide variety of the most preferred products. It allow us to start the day in a healthier, cleaner and more enjoyable way and make us feel more beautiful, at the most affordable prices. Meanwhile, You can feel better, healthier by purchasing the cheapest wholesale cosmetics, deodorant, perfume, make-up materials, skin care products, shaving products, dental and oral care products, sanitary pads, surgical masks, disinfectants, products that increase protection against corona virus online. you can stay It is very easy for you to reach shampoo, moisturizer, perfume and many more products at the best prices, and to reach the most lucrative wholesale cosmetics and personal care products by taking advantage of the most affordable prices and opportunities special for you in the most preferred famous cosmetics and personal care brands of the world’s largest manufacturers.

Favorite Perfumes and Deodorants

Perfumes gives our skin natural, light or strong, attractive and pleasant smells. Deodorants, rolls on and stick products that prevent the smell of sweat by giving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. It relaxes our body that is tired and sweaty on hot summer days, while doing sports, working, and help us to feel good and clean. Also, It is possible. Our company, which brings together the most preferred deodorant brands, offers the cheapest wholesale deodorant and perfume prices. You can find the best selling deodorant and perfumes both for men and women here with the most affordable prices.

Shampoos and Hair Care Products

Firstly, Hair care products, dyes, hair gel and hair spray, shampoos and conditioners are among the most used cosmetic products. Because, We want to take care of our hair, which first attracts attention and provides the most effective change in our appearance. Secondly, The right shampoo, conditioner and hair care products all you need is choosing. Also, We deliver to your door at the cheapest wholesale prices, with the assurance of Turkey Export Line. Buy the most preferred hair care products and wholesale cosmetics from the best brands at the most affordable prices. Lastly, Do your wholesale cosmetics shopping from us, get shampoo and conditioner products that you can find at special prices.

You can choose restorative and nourishing shampoos for oily hair that regulates the oil level. And for damaged hair that is damaged by dyeing, blow-drying and environmental effects. So, We offer you the best wholesale prices with our Elidor, Blendax, İpek, Elseve, Gliss and other world-famous shampoo brands.

Best Prices on Head&Shoulders, Pantene and Other Well-Known Shampoos

Head&Sholders and Pantene products, are among the most preferrable and best selling shampoo brands, offer solutions to all kinds of hair problems with their special formulas to different hair types. Therefore, You can satisfy your customers with Head&Shoulders shampoo and Pantene shampoo products. And also, you can easily and safely buy from our company at the most affordable prices.

Body and Face Care Products & Cleaning and Cosmetics Manufacturers

Provide the necessary care to your skin, which is in constant interaction with outside world and is easily worn out, with the world’s best skin care products and our company’s special, cheapest wholesale prices. Also, You can make a healthy and pleasant start to the day. You can do it with shower gels with various scents and herbal extracts that care for your skin. Thus, You can buy most effective skin care products, hand creams, face creams to remove dryness and wrinkles on your skin from Turkey Export Line at affordable prices. So, With body creams and anti-wrinkle creams, you can delay the signs of aging and prevent cellulite and wrinkles. With the privilege and opportunities of our company; Nivea products, one of the biggest brands that come to mind when it comes to skin care. We deliver cosmetics and personal care to your door at the most affordable prices.

Oral and Dental Care Products

Mouth and dental care products are another category you can find at the Turkey Export Line at the most affordable prices for wholesale cosmetics. Furthermore, Just like our hair, our teeth are the first to draw attention and we need to pay great attention to their health. So, By purchasing dental and oral care products suitable for your teeth from our company at the cheapest prices, you can prevent dental problems and discomfort, and have white, rot-free and healthy teeth. You can find and buy the most suitable toothbrush and toothpaste products for your tooth structure, toothbrushes and toothpastes of world-renowned brands such as Colgate, Oral-B, İpana at the most affordable prices from our company.

Shaving and Male Grooming Products

Who said cosmetics are only for women! See the most variety and best prices on men’s wholesale cosmetics. You can find all the men’s personal care products you need in our company, which offers the most affordable prices in face and body care products specific to men’s skin structure. You can buy refreshing balms and lotions, permanent and effective deodorants and perfumes, anti-dandruff, anti-hair loss shampoos and all men’s care products at the cheapest wholesale prices.

Gillette Shaving Products & Cleaning and Cosmetics Manufacturers

You can always find the cheapest Gillette prices, which have an important place in wholesale cosmetics and personal care shopping, with us.And Also, disposable razors such as Gillette Permatik, Blue2, Blue3, and Mach3, Fusion5 and other spare blade razors at the cheapest prices. You can find the best prices for Gillette pre- and post-shave products in our company, and you can easily order. The cheapest color chart razors and barber shaving products are also on the Turkish Export Line!

Sanitary Pads, Health and Hygiene Products

Take advantage of the cheapest Orkid, Kotex and Molped sanitary pad prices in our company, where you can find the most reliable, effective and comfortable sanitary pads. Find the best prices on quality condom brands, special offers on band-aids, first aid kits and other health products that help prevent infectious diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Surgical Mask, Gloves and Disinfectant

Products to help you protect your health, materials to help prevent infectious diseases and protective products are also here at the most affordable prices. You can better protect yourself and your loved ones from infectious diseases with hand sanitizers, masks and gloves. For the cheapest gloves, the cheapest disinfectant and the cheapest mask prices, do not be surprised by the Turkish Export Line, do not miss the opportunities.

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