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Wholesale and export of personal care and hygiene products.

Body Care Products Suppliers Turkey!

Firstly, Our company supplies and exports body care products within the scope of personal care and cosmetic products. So, You can easily access personal care products produced in Turkey and exported to many countries. Thus, the easiest and most reliable way to buy wholesale body care products is the Turkey Export Line.

Secondly, Our company, where it manufactures its own cosmetic and cleaning products, is located in Istanbul. Private label production is carried out in this factory. Because, It is a very effective solution for importers and exporters who want to sell under their own brand.

Eventually, If you want to buy Body Care Products from Turkey, you can contact us

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Body Care Products

Vaseline Blue Seal

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Antibacterial Soap

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Hand Soap

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Shower Gel

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Shower Gel

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Old Spice Gel

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Nivea Shower Gel

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Neutrogena Cream

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Lux Soap

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Nivea Shower Gel

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Lux Hand Soap

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Hacı Şakir Soap

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Lux Soap

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Hacı Şakir Soap

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Fax Liquid Soap

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Fax White Soap

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Turkish Soap

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Duru Soap

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Duru Bath Gel

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Duru Shower Gel

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Dove Soap

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Soft Soap

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Dove Soap

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Hand and Body Care Products

Although Our skin is constantly interacting with the outside world and still can easily wear out if we don’t take good care. Because, Well-groomed and good-looking skin keeps us healthy and feels good. So, It is important that we do hand and face care correctly for daily comfort, health and personal care. Meanwhile, It is very easy to reach the right body care products with Turkey Export Line.

How to do Hand and Body Care?

Firstly, Skin care begins with a refreshing and relaxing shower. So, Showering and bathing open the pores in your skin and allow you to remove accumulated dirt and dead skin. Thus, your breathing skin is revitalized and refreshed. Because, the shampoos and shower gels you will use in the shower will take care of your skin. And also, make it more beautiful and healthy. Secondly, Thanks to shower gels with different aromas and scents, you can feel fresh and clean all day long by giving your skin a scent and character. Eventually, The shower gel you choose should vary according to your preference for washing in the morning or evening. Some shower gels have an invigorating and sobering effect, while others have a soothing and calming effect.

Skin Care and Moisturizing Creams

Like our face, our skin must remain at a certain humidity in order to be healthy and beautiful. Meanwhile, You can remove the dryness, wear and wrinkles on your skin by using the right body care creams. Because, Moisturizing the skin will prevent dryness and reduce wrinkles. Also, After the shower, you can care for your body with moisturizing creams and restorative creams. Thus, you will have soft and smooth skin throughout the day.

Hand Creams

It is very important to keep our hands clean, which we use to touch everywhere. However, providing hand hygiene only with soap dries and cracks the hands. Moisturizing hand creams keep your hands clean and hygienic as well as moist and soft.

Firming Creams and Cellulite Creams

Furthermore, Anti-wrinkle creams that tighten and plump the skin, you can delay the signs of aging and prevent cellulite and wrinkles.

Meanwhile, Among the hundreds of body care products you can find in our company, there are foot care products, crack care, natural-organic body care products, cellulite creams, firming creams, depilatory creams, body peeling, moisturizing creams and products of the most preferred brands in many other categories.

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