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Appearance : brownish liquid

Chemical Name : Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid

Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)11C6H4SO3H

Packaging Type: 220 Kg Barrel

Definition and Usage Areas:

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid; You can dry as a powder and is environmentally friendly. It is an anionic surfactant widely usable in the production of detergents and emulsifiers.

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is a synthetic substance, widely used chemical surfactant industrial detergent. It is usage is in the production of cleaning agents such as oil soap, cleaning powder, detergent, detergent powder, shampoo and other cleaning products.

LABSA is an anionic surfactant whose molecules are characterized by a hydrophilic and hydrophobic group. In addition, this non-volatile chemical compound has synthesized by the sulfonation process. Sulfonation reagents include sulfamic acid, chlorosulfonic acid, sulfuric acid and diluted sulfur trioxide.

Labsa, which is one of the largest synthetic surfactants by volume due to its low cost and high performance, can also be dried in the form of a stable powder. At the same time, this chemical is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

It is one of the main raw materials of the synthetic detergent industry. Laundry, dishwasher powder detergents, detergent gels, liquid soaps, cleaning powders, oily soaps etc. as.

Firstly, we can tell that the usage of LABSA is safe any manufacturing company can use it. So, in order not hurt yourself we advise you to put on your protective gloves and suits. Because, it can cause eye irritation, as well as skin. And also in extreme cases it causes burn so be careful while using it. Eventually if you are buying Labsa in bulk, you can prefer our company contact us for detailed information.

Labsa Usage Areas

  • It is usable as a mercerizing and washing agent in the textile industry.
  • It is widely applicable in the production of various detergents and emulsions, light or difficult soil detergent, such as washing powder, cleaner in the textile industry, dishwashing detergent, coating and leather making industry, dye aid and paper making industry.
  • It is applicable in the production of which has decontamination, alkynbenzene solfanic acid sodium, dispersion performance, emulsion, wetting and foaming properties as the raw material of detergent.
  • Also, It is one of the main raw materials of the synthetic detergent industry. dishwasher powder, Laundry powder, detergents, oily soaps, gel detergents, liquid soaps, cleaning powders etc. as. It is usable as a mercerizing and washing agent in the textile industry.
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