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Appearance : Yellow Powder

Chemical Name : Phosphatidyl

Chemical Formula: C35H66NO7P

Packaging Type: 200 Kg Barrel

Definition and Usage Areas:

Lecithin, known as phosphatidyl, is actually a phospholipid, and is the substance that generally forms the building blocks of cells. Also, protecting them and keeping them healthy. At the same time, they prevent the hardening of the cell membrane and protect cells against the formation of oxidation. They also act as the protective membrane that protects and surrounds the brain in the human body.

Since lecithin, which used in the pharmaceutical industry in general, is an extremely pure mixture, it is said that it is not allergic in any case. Only those who are allergic to soybeans may need to be careful when using lecithin, which produced from soybeans. In this case, it should be known that lecithin produced from soybean. Because it can cause allergies in these people, as soybean causes. Plants or foods from which lecithin will obtain generally have a high oil content. Because of the lecithin in these foods with high fat content, direct use will not work. Meanwhile, it should be known that these plants with high oil content can have negative effects against cholesterol.

For lecithins obtained from soybeans, when we look closely at soybean, we see that soybean, which is a food that provides all amino acids at an adequate level, is a complete protein source on its own, unlike meat types, because it contains several amino acids together. In cases where they are combine with other types of protein, they are digestible more easily by our digestive system, and in this way, they can reach protein values ​​far above their protein values.

Lecithin Usage

  • It is an important raw material in the food industry and especially in chocolate production. It often used as an emulsifier in food.
  • It is a raw material with surface active feature. Because of this feature, it is usable as a wetting and dispersing agent in the production of pharmaceuticals and margarine.
  • In agriculture, it is applicable both as a wetting agent, dispersant and emulsifier when producing insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or acaricide drugs.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, it acts as a wetting agent, stabilizing agent and choline enrichment carrier, aids emulsifications and encapsulation, and forms a good dispersing agent. It can be usable in the manufacture of intravenous oil infusions and for therapeutic use.
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Usage Areas

  • It enriches fat and protein in animal feeds and improves pellet formation.
  • It forms protective coatings for dyeing and ink printing in the paint industry, has antioxidant properties, helps as a rust inhibitor, is a color enhancing agent, catalyst, conditioning aid modifier and dispersant aid; emulsifier and wetting agent, a good stabilizing and suspending agent, helps maintain a homogeneous mixture of pigments, helps disperse metal oxide pigments, based paints and fast latex based paints.
  • Lecithin used as a release agent for plastics, a degreasing additive in motor oils, an antifoam agent in gasoline, and an emulsifier, spreading agent and antioxidant in textile, rubber and other industries.

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