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Leonardite Suppliers Turkey!
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Leonardite Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : black or dark brown, shiny and vitreous in appearance

Chemical Name : Leonardite

Chemical Formula: 

Packaging Type: In 25 kg sacks

Definition and Usage Areas:

Leonardite, known as the non-coal form. Also, a substance known as leonardite fertilizer, which increases the fertility of the soil and provides quality products. Because, This contains humic acid. Thus, Its contribution to the soil and its role in the cultivation of quality products are extremely important. And also, It is a natural substance that does not contain carbon, macro and micro nutrients and not charred. Meanwhile, Leonardite mine is a mine that has not yet charred and has a valuable place in organic agriculture.

Leonardite benefits

  • Increases soil fertility
  • Leonardite Increases product quality
  • Since it prevents the compaction of the soil, it also increases the water permeability by providing aeration.
  • It increases the productivity as an organic soil conditioner by regulating the temperature value of the soil.
  • As it increases the water holding power of the soil, it takes precautions against thirst by protecting the soil moisture.
  • Provides the EC and Ph balance of the soil
  • Minimizes nitrate leaching
  • Also, Increases the nutrient uptake of the product
  • Cleans the soil from toxic and harmful substances
  • Furthermore, Perfect for growing organic produce
  • Leonardit fertilizer provides economic savings
  • Decreases the salt content of the soil
  • Lastly, Decreases the clay content of the soil
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Recommended Usage Amounts

In vegetables; It should us in soil preparation by mixing it with the soil. The seedlings are left on the planting pads before planting. Soil in seedlings should be placed at a depth of 5-7 cm. For fruit trees between 0-3 years of age, 1500 gr per tree, between 4-10 years of age 5000 gr per tree, between 11-20 years of age 7 kg per tree and for trees over 21 years old 10 kg per tree should be used.

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