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Malic Acid Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : Clear, Colorless

Chemical Name : Dicarboxylic Acid

Chemical Formula: C4H6O5

Packaging Type: In 25 Kg Sacks

Definition and Usage Areas:

Malic acid first isolated from apples in 1785 by scientist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. In 1787, chemist Antoine Lavoisier named this acid “malic acid” because it means apple in Latin. It should not mix with maleic acid.

Malic acid is a kind of fruit acid. It found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. It is an organic compound. Malic acid has hundreds of benefits. Malic acid is accessible especially in sour fruits and mostly apples. Apart from apples, malic acid also found in vegetables and fruits such as apricots, bananas, cherries, grapes, orange peel, broccoli, pears, plums, carrots, potatoes, green beans.

Malic acid synthesized commercially by hydrating maleic acid and fumatic acids in the presence of a catalyst. This important acid finds a place in the metabolism of every living thing.

Malic acid is an important step in the Krebs cycle, the energy cycle found in the mitochondria of living cells. Thanks to its properties, it is also very beneficial for health.

Malic Acid Usage

  • Malic acid identified by the code E296. 70% of the world’s malic acid production is usable as an additive in yoghurt and as a preservative in beverages.
  • The most common usage area of ​​malic acid is fruit flavor foods. The main ones has carbonated and fruit delicious drinks and syrups.
  • Malic acid is also applicable in apple, grape and other fruit juices to stabilize the color of the juice. Another reason for the use of malic acid in beverages is that it dissolves easily, leaves a long-lasting and lasting aftertaste on the palate, and is compatible with different flavors. The inclusion of malic acid in the juice concentrate also enhances the natural flavor of the beverage. In addition, it creates a synergistic effect with ascorbic acid. Thus, it prevents oxidation by providing a stable complex with copper and iron.
  • Malic acid is also usable in leavening products. The main reason is that it dissolves easily. It is preferrable in these products due to its shelf life increase and permanent flavoring qualities.
  • Malic acid has also added to the content of soft drinks.
  • Malic acid is also usable in the production of hard candy, chewing gum, jam, jelly and gelatin desserts. The easy interaction of malic acid with other components in the sugar’s structure, and its brightening and clarity-enhancing effect are the primary reasons for preference.
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Usage Areas

  • Malic acid is applicable in canned products as it provides pH control. Another reason for using malic acid in canned products is that it delays browning. It is used as an acidifier in canned tomatoes.
  • Malic acid is also usable in the production of sourdough.
  • Malic acid increases the sweetening effect of diet products. At the same time, it prevents the sweet taste remaining on the palate.
  • Malic acid is also preferred because it reduces the formation of deposits on beer and dairy products.
  • Malic acid can be applied safely and smoothly for cleaning metal surfaces. For this reason, malic acid is also used in the content of cleaning products.
  • Malic acid is also used extensively in the pharmaceutical, paint and metal industries.

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