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Maltodextrin Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : White Powder

Chemical Name : Artificial gum; Starch gum; Tapioca; Vegetable gum

Chemical Formula: C6H12O6

Packaging Type: In 25 Kg Sacks

Definition and Usage Areas:

Maltodextrin obtained by partial hydrolysis of starch; They are water-soluble, tasteless products and defined by the FDA as products with DE values ​​of less than 20. Maltodextrin, which is also on the GRAS list; It is an excellent mass builder for standard and low-fat products.

Maltodextrin is an intermediate between starch and glucose obtained during controlled starch hydrolysis involving enzymes such as bacterial alpha amylase, and subjected to additional conversion processes in order to have the desired DE of 4-30.

Following these processes, the product; It is refined by processes such as clarification, carbon treatment and ion exchange, and spray-dried to 3-5% humidity.


Maltodextrin, which is a white, low sweetness powder, does not hold water on its own, but its solution shows a very high viscosity. Due to its indefinite neutral taste, it does not affect other food flavors, is easily dispersed in cold and aqueous based systems, and exhibits a structure that can preserve its clarity and appearance to the eye.

Commercially available maltodextrin has 4% moisture, less than 3% dextrose, and a DE of 5-19. Maltodextrin, which has low sweetness due to its low DE; It provides hygroscopicity, viscosity and crystallization control.

The chemical Maltodextrin, which has no effect on product color, acts as a pure saccharide nutrient component due to its high energy rates of 4 cal/g. Maltodextrin, which is an ideal additive for instant products due to its dispersion in cold water, open structure and flexibility, acts as a crystal inhibitor, plasticizer and film former.

Maltodextrin, which contains minimal monosaccharides, exhibits high viscosity, improving mouthfeel and product structure. Due to its ambiguous taste, the product-specific aroma is preserved, making maltodextrin an ideal additive in this case.

The main usage areas of maltodextrin, which finds widespread application in consumer products such as dry mixes;

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Maltodextrin Usage Areas

  • Usable in infant dairy products (stabilizer, builder and flavor carrier)
  • Also, in coffee and coffee whiteners, chocolate drinks, bread and meat products (moisture-retaining agent)
  • In confectionery (binding agent and plasticizer)
  • It takes place in the form of coating confectionery or hazelnut-like products.

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