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Mono Sodium Glutamate Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : White Crystalline Structure

Chemical Name : Sodium Glutamate, Monosodıum L-Glutamate

Chemical Formula: C5H8NO4Na

Packaging Type: 25 Kg in bags

Definition and Usage Areas:

Mono Sodium Glutamate; This product is the most preferred and used flavor enhancer in the world. Also , it is the sodium salt of L-glutamic acid. Glutamate, is included in chicken, cheese, meat and some vegetables and foods rich in protein, is produced naturally in the human body. It also plays important roles in different organs such as the brain and muscles. At the same time, researches; shows that only the L-form of this amino acid has a palatability-enhancing condition, but the D-form does not.

The effectiveness of Glutamate, which included in foods that are naturally rich in protein, lost by the processes in the processing of foods into products. In addition, it has stated that conditions such as cooking and freezing were not effective in preventing this loss of flavor.

This product, which dissolves in water and alcohol, is almost odorless; It has obtained as a result of bacterial fermentation in which starch or ammonium salts are nitrogen sources. In this process, natural substances in the form of sugar cane and tapoica flour are usable.

This product is not a flavoring agent. Mono sodium glutamate, which only strengthens the existing flavor, is an additive that has been known and used in the industry for a long time.


For this reason, it is put into more than one food and it strengthens the flavor of the food in that direction. For example, in more than one country it is permissible to add monosodium glutamate to canned tomatoes, chickpeas, peas, corn, mushrooms, beans and kidney beans. Thus, the unique flavors of these cans strongly enhanced.

MSG is particularly effective in salty and sour flavors. It has widely used because of its compatibility with these flavors. However, it is not very compatible with sweet products such as cakes and pastries. Mono sodium glutamate usage is to enhance the original flavors of foods. In addition, it has seen that easy chewing and taste increase in products using MSG. This has a positive effect on digestion.

Mono sodium glutamate does not add additional flavor to food products. It makes the flavors in the food more intense and strong. This situation increases the characteristics of the food-specific quality such as fullness and continuity in the mouth.

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