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Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Suppliers Turkey!
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Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : White Color Powder

Chemical Name : Disodium Dihydrogen Diphosphate

Chemical Formula: Na2H2P2O7

Packaging Type: 25 kg bags.

Definition and Usage Areas:

Sodium acid pyrophosphate is a chemical derivative of the element known as phosphorus. Also it is an important substance for the survival of all living things. Despite being one of the most prevalent elements on the planet, it also naturally appears in food, water, and human bodies. Phosphorus in the human body; bones, teeth, genes also participate in the structure of the muscles. Phosphoric acid is another significant phosphorus derivative that we all utilize on a regular basis. Orthophosphate salts are formed from this substance, which is a tribasic acid, when one, two or all three of the hydrogen ions change position with other positive ions.

In addition, it has combined with other elements such as sodium, calcium and potassium, and turns into phosphates thanks to heat. For this reason, the main characteristics that determine the important qualities of phosphates are; chain length and ph. These affect the utility of phosphates by enhancing their solubility, dispersion, chelating power, buffering strength, and dispersion. Phosphates are typically utilizes in combinations with other common elements as sodium, calcium, potassium, and aluminum. These are the general names for phosphates, which are categorizes into groups based on how many phosphorus atoms they contain.

The rapidly increasing and continuing world population, the desire of people to increase their living standards, and the transformation from agricultural society to industrial society have increased the demand for ready-made food products. As a result, the manufacture of food products has become an industry branch. For this reason, food products are incredibly diversified. And the food additive products needs of the companies producing food products have formed. In addition, the differentiation of production techniques and consumer taste has led to the use of different additives in the manufacture of food products.


In many foods, a reaction called autoxidation occurs that occurs spontaneously in the components that make up the product and the oxygen in the air. It is possible to encounter these reactions at any time. However, the various reactions that occur are unacceptable events for the food industry because these reactions lead to a decrease in the quality of the food, changes in taste and smell, and even poisoning.
Antioxidants are also defined as compounds that prevent or delay oxidative deterioration in food products.

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• Typically, this used to preserve seafood in cans, bake goods, and keep potatoes from becoming black..
• This molecule guarantees the elimination of substances like calcium and magnesium from the oral secretion, which is beneficial for oral health. It also prevents the accumulation of these elements on the teeth.
• Sodium pyrophosphate, which is sometimes applicable in household detergents for the same purposes; this prevents the accumulation of similar types of elements on the clothes, but it causes pollution in the waters due to the steep phosphate content it contains. For this reason, it prepares the ground for the development of algae in contaminated waters.

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