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Sodium Nitrate Suppliers Turkey!

Appearance : White powder in appearance

Chemical Name : Sodium Nitrate

Chemical Formula: NaNO3

Packaging Type: 25 kg sacks

Definition and Usage Areas:

Sodium Nitrate, Also known as saltpeter, the molecular formula of this chemical is NaNo3. They are colorless crystals in the form of white powder. This substance, which can dissolve at high temperatures, is a sweet chemical. Sodium nitrate, which has an oxidizing and irritating structure, dissolves in alcohol, ammonia and pyridine. It does not have a flammable structure. This chemical compound, which is a member of the salt family, is abundant in Chile comparing to other countries in the world. Accordingly, the place where it is production the most is Chile. Sodium nitrate is more soluble in water than potassium nitrate and absorbs moisture from the air.

Sodium Nitrate History

The odium nitrate first introduced in Europe between 1820 and 1825. but since its usage area did not discover yet and there were not any customer for this, they poured into the sea. Over the years, and has gained value and sodium nitrate mining has developed, especially in South America.

Usage Areas

  • Sodium Nitrate especially used in meat and meat products to provide color and durability.
  • Also, It is usage is as a fertilizer in the agricultural sector.
  • It is usage is in the content of smoke bombs.
  • It is applicable as an auxiliary material in the ceramic industry.
  • Sodium is used in making explosives (fireworks, gunpowder and the like).
  • It is usable in heat transfer processes in industry.
  • It used as solid rocket propellant.
  • This used as a cement additive in the construction industry.
  • It used in bluing baths for steel and as an auxiliary in the metal industry.
  • It used to assist in the production of other chemicals in petrochemicals and metalworking.
  • Meanwhile, It used in glass production to increase the quality and brightness of the glass, to provide cleaning and color scheme.
  • It used in chemical laboratories.
  • It used as a preservative in food products due to its antimicrobial properties.
  • Like potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate is a curing agent used in foods, especially meat, meat products and fish, to give characteristic flavor and color properties and to provide microbial stability.
Sodium Nitrate Suppliers Turkey

Applicable Areas

  • The antimicrobial properties of sodium nitrate enable its use as a food preservative additive.
  • It mostly used as fertilizer or in addition to fertilizer production in the agricultural sector.
  • Sodium nitrate is usable in the manufacture of fireworks, gunpowder and other explosives.
  • This can be used as a phase change material. It can benefit from sodium nitrate in heat transfer applications in industry.
  • In the metal industry, it is used as an accelerator for cleaning steel, for pickling aluminum, for phosphating (as a component of heat transfer salts in the metalworking industry; in the preparation of bluing baths for steel)
  • It is used as a cement additive in the construction industry.
  • For cleaning and color removal during enameling in the glass industry, to improve the quality of the glass produced, and in the glass processing industry;
  • Also, It is used in the preparation of nitric acid and other nitrates and nitrites in chemical laboratories. When sodium nitrate combines with sulfuric acid, it produces nitric acid.
  • It is a raw material generally applicable in setting accelerators in concrete admixture. Even as a result of contact with air, it is a moisture trap and tends to solidify very quickly.

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